Lighten Up Your Home During The Pandemic For Summer

Are you and your family self-quarantining during these stressful times but getting tired of the same old mundane routines? Patriot Maids is here to help you rejuvenate. Regardless of the situation our nation is in right now, a spotless clean home can offer a revitalizing effect on one’s health as well as elevate your mental well-being and keep you sharp when you need it most. Below are some helpful tips we came up with for staying productive by brightening your home for Summer.

Create part of the house for plants

Nothing spruces up a home easily like adding a few houseplants. By roping off a section of your home for a little bit of greenery, you can be sure to create a mix of colors and light levels that are sure to bring an element of calmness. Not really into plants or have a green thumb? No problem! Fake plants can offer the same touch.

Paint a wall or polish some furniture

A new coat of paint can instantly change up any living space. Whether you choose to stick to old or try something new, adding a bit of color is an easy way to lighten the mood. Give an entire room’s walls a new makeover or maybe just a random wooden table you found a local yard sale. Painting is not only a stress reliever, but also it requires a bit of thinking to get it right the first time!

Add fruit to the center of attention

If you have flower arrangements in your home, try this, carefully add a bowl of fruit to add color that will surely bring compliments by visitors. Colorful fruit like apples, grapes, oranges, or pineapples are wonderful choices to start with. If you’re worried about freshness, change the bowl often, or opt for faux fruit.

Get rid of the drawer full of junk

Is there a random drawer in your home where you throw stuff into when you can’t find anywhere else to put it? If so, then it may be piling up without you realizing it. Those extra staples or the dried-out pens that aren’t being used could use a new resting place, the trash can. With all this extra free time, getting rid of the extra “junk” is a surefire way to make a kitchen lighten up when it weighs less.

Spotless windows

If you want to brighten a home, all you need to do is let a little bit of light in. If you decide to hire a professional cleaning service or a self-professed DIYer, clean both sides of the glass for your windows to allow optional sunlight through.

Alter your drapes

If you’ve ever heard of linen-based materials or panels made of sheer, they’re great for allowing light in as well. Also, you can change your bedding colors to something like a floral pattern to bring out the colorful vibes!

If you have chores upcoming, add some pizzazz with the above tips and make your Work From Home life a little bit more exciting. It’s also important to remember to disinfect any surfaces that are touched to protect loved ones from bacteria transmission. If you want a quality deep cleaning from professionals, Patriot Maids are the ones for the job, contact us for a free quote or checkout out our residential cleaning services.

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