How To Organize Your Closet (Smart Tricks And Tips)

Cramped spaces with clothes that haven’t been worn for ages. Wrinkled suits from all the jamming and pushing. Lousy hangers that could barely hold up and had caused nothing but creases on the sleeves? How about that missing shirt you know you wore two weeks ago but is now gone and never to be found?

Not only are you late for that Zoom meeting, but your clothes look like they’ve been run over by the roadside. Seems familiar? With the recent pandemic sweeping up into everyone’s shores, the last thing everyone needs is to face the additional stress of staring into their incredibly messy closets.

Luckily, Patriot Maids have gathered ten quick and easy tips to assist you in cleaning up those closet spaces. By the end of the list, not only will you be able to find those missing jackets, but you’ll never be late for work again!

1. Know Your Clothes, Know Your Closet

Sometimes, to start with something, you have to start with nothing.

Whether that applies to life or not, one thing’s for sure–it applies to closet space! With countless jackets that have never been worn to shirts that have already yellowed in the back, there are just some pieces of clothing that are better left donated or recycled. This is why everyone should start disposing of their clothes before they even begin reorganizing them!

That shirt that you don’t mesh with, but would someday, perhaps, come to adore? That pretty little dress that barely fits because you’ve been waiting for just the right event to wear it? That suit that hides right at the back that had already grayed from the number of years that it had stayed there? This is time to rework and rethink. Perhaps, a little advice from Marie Kondo could help–do these items still spark joy?

2. Shine the Light and Optimize!

There are just some things that are worth shining a spotlight on, and one of those things includes your closet! It is hard to find something in cabinets and drawers when shadows are the only things illuminating your vision. By adding some closet lights, not only would the entire space seem bigger and brighter, but you will now know how to locate your clothes!

Usually, for smaller closets, LED lights are more preferred given their long-lasting qualities. Ribbon lighting can also work with those hard-to-reach areas. By the time all of this is set up, reaching for the shadows would not be a problem anymore!

3. Hangers–To Hang or Not To Hang

Hangers are generally known to be plastic or wooden instruments that are used to hang ties, jackets, and the like. However, do you know that having the right hanger is essential in maintaining the long-lasting fabric? Wire hangers, although generally used, actually cause holes and creases in the fabric, which may only result in more avoidable costs.

Velvet hangers and even padded hangers are the answer to your prayers. Considerate to soft material? Check! Extra closet space? Check! Although expensive, these hangers are great investments in keeping your clothes safe and sound.

No more creases! No more tears! Just the way everything should be.

4. Shelf Dividers to Subtract the Stress!

A closet is never small; it just lacks the proper maximization! Ever had that one shelf that seems so cluttered and cramped? Has that happened with plenty of the other shelves? Where everything seems all jumbled together? Shelf dividers are the perfect solution! By dividing the space into small compartments, there are more options to store and categorize.

That organized pile of folded clothes now wouldn’t end up being a lump of creases by the end of the week. And the stress that comes after every clean-up would be lessened once everything’s out in the clear. Simple and effective, just the thing needed to brighten up anyone’s day!

5. Too much clutter? Hide Your Shoes!

Clumpy and large, these shoes are usually hard to keep track of, especially when you don’t have space for them. Whether they’re hidden under the bed or left unaddressed all over the bedroom floor, it’s hard to keep everything in order, especially in such a fast-paced environment. That’s why racks by the closet and shoe box organizers can work as the world’s shoe savior!

By keeping them in controlled spaces where they can be fitted in closets and not left out in the open, there would be less clutter around the bedroom. A less cluttered room means a less cluttered mind–a perfect way to comfort yourself in such a stressful environment.

6. Organize the Color in Your Life

That black sleeved shirt that took forever to find? Perhaps organizing the closet by color would prove to have better results! Usually, one only ever recalls the color of the shirt they’re looking for, and the problem with only remembering the color in an unorganized mess is that the polo they’re looking for is bunched under other clutter, which could skewer up the hope of ever finding it.

By arranging the colors by color, not only would it be able to save anyone time from searching for it, but it also grants a more efficient way in choosing their clothes! Need a red skirt? There you go! Some dark jeans? It is right around the corner! Not only does this arrangement meet all your aesthetic needs, but it’s functional too!

7. In For the Summer, Out For the Winter!

The closet’s all too cramped up from all those bulky clothes and sweaters, and it’s still the middle of summer? It’s time to store them away! Vacuum-sealed bags are the way to go, especially if space is limited. By lessening the bulk of the sweaters, they can not only fit in empty suitcases but even in plastic boxes.

Just make sure not to store them in cardboard boxes when you hide them up in the attic! Else, the fabric might be affected when you pull it right back out when December finally comes.

Winter is coming, but it definitely would not be coming anytime soon!

8. Get Yourself Hooked on These Valet Hooks!

Getting ready for the next day and having nowhere to put your clothes? Valet hooks offer just the thing! A way to organize outfits for vacation, a night out, or even a formal day for work! Simple, easy, and very straight-to-the-point!

Plus, it’s also perfect for hanging one’s clothes after a day of dry cleaning. It’s not just dual-purpose, but it is also incredibly effective–perfect for those who are always on the go.

9. Leave Some Space, and Leave the Stress

Not the type of person to repeat the same set of clothes? Leave some space on the side! It could be an empty compartment or an empty shelf diver–whatever it is, keep it blank and ready for recently washed or dried clothes. When you leave some space, it makes the move in move out cleaning all the simpler!

That way, repeats would not be a problem. Effortless and organized, they certainly do the job.

10. Labels are Literally Everything

Of course, organizing is only the first step to having a great closet! The second is maintaining it! To achieve organization, one should account for their clothes. However, this proves to be a challenge over time. With stress hovering in every corner, it may be burdensome to keep track of everything. That’s completely normal! But that does not mean that this isn’t preventable!

By labeling the boxes and shelves, life is made just a little bit easier, and now, maintaining it wouldn’t be a problem!

With all these tricks up your sleeve, it’s only natural to be overwhelmed. Luckily, our Cincinnati Maids also provide comprehensive cleaning services for your home and apartment that could take the burden off your shoulders. Start the process. Maintain the process, and you’ll have the home–and the wardrobe–of your dreams.

With all these tricks up your sleeve, it’s only natural to be overwhelmed. Luckily, Patriot Maids also provide comprehensive cleaning services for your home or apartment that could take the burden off your shoulders.

Start the process. Maintain the process. And one day, you will have the home–and the wardrobe–of your dreams.

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