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Growing in popularity in recent years, people are becoming more and more accustomed to staying in rental homes when they travel rather than in cramped hotels.  Websites like Airbnb and Vrbo have made it easy for people to find the perfect vacation spot to stay when they are away from home, as well as made it increasingly easy for people to market their vacation properties online.  Patriot Maids is happy to offer a cleaning service for people who own these types of properties. 

Owing one of these short-term vacation rental properties can be an extremely profitable stream of revenue for someone if it’s run correctly.  This includes having people you know and trust helping you manage these properties. 

Owning multiple properties is challenging enough without having to worry about finding someone to provide a hotel-like cleaning in between guests.  Let us take this burden off your to-do list so that you can focus more effort on working on managing your property. 

Airbnb Cleaning Boston
Boston Airbnb Cleaning Service

What is included in our AIRBNB cleaning service?

Cleaning rental properties means that we will change and clean any linens used by the previous guests.  We will also clean and sanitize surfaces that were touched by past guests.  We also restock any toiletries or items you request.  This is very similar to the type of cleaning people have come to expect from the hotel industry.  We can turn over your Airbnb or Vrbo property so that it’s spick and span for the next guest you’re expecting. 

In addition to this hotel-like cleaning, our staff will also inspect items for damage and can even test some items to ensure that they are in good working order for the next guests. 

How does Patriot Maids calculate how much your TURN OVER cleaning will cost?

We offer a form on our website that allows you to contact us and ask for a quote.  Since vacation rentals have many more options than a standard residential cleaning, it’s best to talk to us about exactly what services you’re looking for so that we can accurately quote you a price. 

We’ll factor in how big your vacation rental property is, and what services you’re looking for our staff to perform.  Options include linen service, damage inspection, restocking of toiletries and essentials, appliance testing, etc.  We also offer a discount for recurring services, so the more you use us, the more you’ll save. 

Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

We offer fully customizable add-on services such as:  inside the oven, inside the fridge, inside cabinets, wipe outside of cabinets, baseboard cleaning, interior window cleaning, folding laundry, inside bathroom cabinets, clean attic, clean basement, washing dishes, extra living rooms, blinds cleaning, sweep patio or garage, ceiling fans, changing cat litter, wipe doors and top of door frames, cleaning of HVAC (radiators, vents, and intakes).


Founded in Boston in 2018, Patriot Maids is a local cleaning company in Boston that’s committed to offering exceptional service to our city and its surrounding areas.  We function as a referral agency to help you save money and ensure that our professionals make more money for their services.  We take pride in the services we provide and want to form long-term relationships with our clients. 

We know that we aren’t the only option out there, so why should you choose us over the other guys?  As our name implies, Patriots love FREEDOM!  Freedom comes from peace of mind.  We offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if by some rare chance our staff missed something or did not complete something to your satisfaction, we’ll fix it ASAP for you. 

In addition to that, we ensure that all our cleaners are thoroughly background-checked and vetted.

We also only hire cleaners that have at least 5 years of professional experience, many of which worked in the hotel industry, specializing in just this type of cleaning.  So, you can rest assured that you’ll have top-notch professionals servicing your property, giving you both freedom of time and freedom of mind. 

Our professionals also have all the necessary equipment and supplies required to clean your vacation rental, so there’s no need to worry about restocking any cleaning supplies or equipment. 

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We know that you’re busy, and during a construction project you have a lot of other things to worry about. That’s why we’ve streamlined our booking process and made it as simple as a few clicks. Just head to our booking page, select your post-construction cleaning services, and choose your date. You can even pay online with our secure, cashless payment system. Book your post-construction cleaning with Patriot Maids today to save yourself time and hassle after your construction job!

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