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Oftentimes, we find that life comes between you and the things you need to do. Keeping a home clean and tidy can be a full-time job on its own. This is especially true if you have a family who seems to dirty things faster than you can clean them. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for a way out, that’s why Patriot Maids offers Boston their deep cleaning service.

There are so many better uses you could find for the time you spend trying to keep up with your home cleaning duties. That’s more time you could be spending with your family or your friends. So, if you feel like you’ll just never get caught up, call Patriot Maids and let us hit the reset button for you and get you back on top of your home with our deep cleaning service. You’d be surprised in just a few hours, how clean our top-notch, professional Boston maids can get your home. There is a better way and Patriot Maids can show you with a deep cleaning.

Deep Cleaning In Boston
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What exactly is our deep cleaning service?

With Patriot Maids’ deep cleaning service, we clean your entire home deeply. This service is intended for people who have just gotten too far behind on their home cleaning duties and need a reset. First time using a professional cleaning service? Then this is the cleaning that we recommend.

So, if you’re home needs a little more than a light dusting and counters wiped down, choose our deep cleaning service. Let our dedicated, professional crews bring your home back to its best shape, getting rid of all that dirt and grime you just don’t have time to tackle.

Why choose Patriot Maids?

Patriot Maids is proud to serve the Metro Boston area. We also offer a simple online booking platform that’s extremely easy to use. Just answer a few simple questions about your home, choose the service you want, select any add-ons you’d like, and we instantly quote you the price for our services. You can also pay for your services right there on our online platform with a credit card. You even have the option to schedule the services you choose to be recurrent so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule future services.

Patriot Maids background checks and vet all our applicants to ensure that you get only the most professional cleaners available. They’ll also come with all the necessary equipment and supplies, so there’s no need to worry about restocking your cleaning supplies. We want you to just sit back, relax, and let us take care of your home. Patriot Maids offers a 200% satisfaction guarantee. So, if for any reason at all, you’re unhappy with the way our services were performed or find that we missed something, we will come back ASAP and fix it, completely free of charge!

Deep Cleaning Services In Boston

How do we charge for deep cleaning?

Patriot Maids offers Boston flat-rate pricing: This is where you pay a set fee to Patriot Maids to have us come and complete a standard list that accompanies the services you’ve selected, as well as any add-ons that you’ve requested. The crew will be at your home for as long as they need to be to complete that list. On our service selection service, you’ll have the option to add “Deep Cleaning” or “Double Deep Cleaning” to your service.

We offer Boston area residents discounts!

Patriots love freedom! Let Patriot Maids come to show you why we’re the best cleaning service in Boston, MA. Book our deep cleaning service today so we can get you back on track with your home. If you’re happy with the service we’ve done for you, which we’re sure you will be, book us regularly to let us stay on top of things. You’ll be surprised knowing how much FREEDOM you’ll gain by letting us come and manage your cleaning chores.


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