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Does time ever get away from you? Realized that you have guests coming over soon and you haven’t cleaned your home? The problem is that most cleaning services want to schedule you days or even a week out. What if you need your home cleaned sooner than that? Life is full of unexpected surprises. Here at Patriot Maids, we offer SAME DAY cleaning services!

Yes, we are proud to be one of, if not the only cleaning companies in Boston with the availability to send a crew to your home the same day you contact us.

same day cleaning service

What services can I get same day?

We offer all our services on the same day that you call to book them!

  • Standard Cleaning – For homes that are cleaned regularly.
  • Deep Cleaning – For homes that are fairly dirty and require a more in-depth cleaning.
  • Move Out Cleaning – For when you’re moving out of your house or apartment. Make sure you get that deposit back!
  • Green Cleaning – Available with any of our other services. The same level of expert cleaning, but done with organic, eco-friendly cleaners.
  • After Event Cleaning – Throwing a party at your apartment? Hosting an event at your house? Let us do the cleanup. No need to stress yourself out after you’ve already worked so hard to put on an event.

Why would I need same-day service?

Most of us deal with the unexpected on a regular basis. No doubt, you probably had plans to clean your home this weekend. Guess what? Your parents just called and are on their way in to visit you for the weekend. Why stress yourself out and try to do a rushed job cleaning your place? Let Patriot Maids come and take care of the mess that SAME DAY!


Even if it’s not a surprise visit from your parents, chances are, you like things done NOW. Maybe you don’t have a cleaning service that comes to your home regularly. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re ready to take control of your free time and spend it doing something more fun than cleaning. So, you’ve decided to get a cleaning service? Do you want to wait days or even weeks for them to come to take care of your home? OF COURSE NOT! Why not have Patriot Maids come that same day and take care of things for you?

How do I schedule MY LAST MINUTE CLEANING and how much will it cost?

Here at Patriot Maids, we’ve made scheduling our cleaning services as easy as it gets. Use our online booking platform to schedule your services. All you need to do when booking is put how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home has, pick any add-on services you’d like when you’re scheduling your service and we show you right there, upfront, how much you’ll be paying.

Once you’ve decided on your services, you just have to select the date and time window you’d like them to come clean and put in your payment information. It’s really that easy! You can also set up recurring services from our online booking platform. The more frequently you have us come out and clean your home, the bigger of a discount we offer you!!!

  • $30 off services if you book us weekly
  • $20 off for booking us every two weeks
  • $15 discount for having us come every three weeks
  • $10 discount for services performed every four weeks

Why Patriot Maids?

We only use background-checked and thoroughly vetted cleaning professionals. We care about your safety, and we want to know exactly who you’re inviting into your home, so we only use the best and we make sure that they pass a complete background check before they begin work for us. We also use a business model of a referral agency, so that we can ensure that we have a large pool of independently contracted cleaners from you to choose from. This both makes your services cheaper and gives you the option to switch cleaners without having to switch companies.

Our cleaning crews bring all their own supplies and equipment. All you need to do is sit back and relax and let us handle all the work. Let us give you your free time back. Spend less time cleaning your home, and more time living your life. Patriot Maids strives to provide you with freedom. Freedom from worry and stress and freedom from a mess.

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