Missouri City police investigate man in patrol car during crash.

Missouri City Police Department Investigates Fatal Crash Involving Officer

A recent incident involving a Missouri City Police Department officer has left a woman and her teenage son dead, sparking an internal investigation within the department. The officer, Blademir Viveros, was responding to a robbery call when he got into a wreck that resulted in the tragic deaths. The investigation aims to determine why a 53-year-old man was found in the back seat of the patrol vehicle driven by Viveros at the time of the crash.

Officer Terminated and Facing Potential Prosecution

Following the crash, Officer Blademir Viveros, 27, was terminated from the Missouri City Police Department. The Texas Department of Public Safety, which is investigating the incident, will present its findings to the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office for potential prosecution. Viveros was found to be driving over the posted speed limit and without his emergency lights activated when the crash occurred.

Details of the Crash and Victims

The crash took place on Cartwright Road in Missouri City, where Viveros collided with a 2005 Toyota Corolla driven by 16-year-old Mason Stewart. Both Stewart and his mother, Angela Stewart, were tragically pronounced dead at the scene. According to DPS, Mason Stewart failed to yield the right-of-way to Viveros as he was pulling out of a private drive.

Investigation Continues

Detective Michael Medina of the Missouri City Police Department stated that the internal investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding the man found in the back of Viveros’ patrol vehicle. As of now, the man has not been charged with any crimes related to the crash. The department policy prohibits officers from responding to calls when individuals are in the back of their vehicles.

Key Points:

  • Officer Blademir Viveros terminated after fatal crash involving a woman and her teenage son.
  • Internal investigation ongoing to determine why a man was in the back seat of the patrol vehicle.
  • Texas Department of Public Safety to present findings for potential prosecution.
  • Victims of the crash identified as 16-year-old Mason Stewart and his mother, Angela Stewart.
  • Missouri City Police Department policy prohibits officers from responding to calls with individuals in the back of their vehicles.

    In conclusion, the tragic incident involving Officer Viveros and the fatal crash in Missouri City has raised questions about department policies and officer conduct. The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash continues as authorities work to bring justice for the victims and their families.

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