Texas starts cleanup after Hurricane Beryl.

HOUSTON – The aftermath of Hurricane Beryl in the Houston metro and East Texas has left communities reeling from widespread damage, power outages, and loss of life. The storm made its third and final landfall near Matagorda as a powerful Category 1 hurricane, bringing wind gusts higher than 90 mph, a 3-6 foot storm surge, and torrential rain. The impact of the storm also led to numerous tornadoes in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

The devastation caused by Hurricane Beryl resulted in at least eight deaths in the U.S., with seven of those fatalities occurring in the greater Houston area. The storm’s track from the Windward Islands to the U.S. has now claimed a total of 19 lives. Emergency officials have issued warnings to residents to stay indoors due to dangerous conditions, with schools, courthouses, and various facilities remaining closed as cleanup efforts continue.

Millions of utility customers in Texas remain without power as crews work diligently to restore electricity. This marks the second time this year that Houston has experienced widespread power outages, with memories of a severe thunderstorm in May still fresh in residents’ minds. The National Weather Service described the May event as a derecho, which produced destructive winds across hundreds of miles.

Hurricane Beryl’s impact was also felt in Galveston, where extensive damage was reported, including top wind gusts of 86 mph and record storm surge levels. Homes were destroyed, debris scattered, and power lines downed, leaving the community to grapple with the aftermath of the storm. The hurricane’s deadly path of destruction began in the Caribbean, where it made multiple landfalls and claimed at least 11 lives.

The effects of Hurricane Beryl have been far-reaching, with communities in Texas and beyond facing significant challenges in the wake of the storm. The resilience and determination of residents, emergency officials, and utility crews are evident as they work together to rebuild and recover from the devastation left behind.

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